Pool Cleaners – Take The Garbage Out to Put the Enjoyment Back In

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No matter what type of pool you have, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on it. Potentially, the biggest task you’ll face is keeping your pool clean. Unless you want to spend hours of time scrubbing your pool instead of swimming in it, you should take a look at automatic pool cleaners.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are available for both inground and above ground pools. Prices vary quite a bit so, even if you’re on a tight budget, you should be able to find one that’s right for your situation. Pool cleaners come in three basic designs: suction side, pressure side and robotic pool cleaners.

Suction side swimming pool cleaners attach to your pool’s plumbing on the suction side, usually at the pool skimmer. Some pools have a vacuum port especially for a pool cleaner. Suction is created on the underside of the pool cleaner by your pool’s filter pump. Dirt and small debris is sucked up into the cleaner and through a hose to your strainer basket and filter, where the dirt and debris are trapped. This design makes suction side cleaners very much like pool vacuum cleaners.

Suction side cleaners are available for all pool types. One advantage of suction side pool cleaners is that they rarely require any additional parts or adapters to connect to any swimming pool. The popular Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners are suction side cleaners.

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Information on Buying a Pool Cleaner

Robotic cleaners are powered through low-voltage electricity, instead of your pool pump or a booster pump. Because your pump runs less, your energy costs are reduced. Plus, their built in filter cuts back use of your pool’s primary filtration system bringing down energy costs even more, prolonging the life of both your pump and filter, and increasing the amount of time between filter cleanings. Robotic cleaners are also convenient – you just plug it in and place it in your pool. A few even have remote controls therefore you are able to steer the unit from a lounge chair for easy spot cleaning! Robotic cleaners take the hassle out of cleaning your pool, allowing you with more time to enjoy it.There are various nice kinds of swimming pool vacuum cleaners that can be selected from and used by pool owners.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Booster-pump systems take water that is already on its way to the pool after going through the filter and heater and turbo charge, or further pressurize it by feeding it through a separate pump or motor. This high-pressure current of water passes through flexible hoses into a cleaner that rotates around the pool. One of the primary advantages is the fact that these vacuums work quite nicely around the main drain. While the vacuum cleaner is below the surface, not only does it suction water into it, but it likewise moves water to the filter area.These swimming pool vacuum cleaners are most effectively used in pools that tend to not get a great deal of large debris in them since the large debris could hamper how these items operate. It could be a pain in the neck to have a cleaner like this if your pool is close to a big tree or several trees, because the leaves would prove to often get caught up in the filter.

Suction pool cleaners

Typically suction pool cleaners attach to a vacuum line, either by the skimmer or dedicated vacuum line. If connected to a skimmer, skimming of the pool is reduced, while the cleaner is attached. The use of a vacuum plate is suggested so that skimming and vacuuming can take place at the same time. If a dedicated vacuum line is available, then vacuuming and skimming can be executed by setting the valves at the pump to clean and skim simultaneous. A vacuum canister is recommended to collect debris and prevent excessive debris from filling up the pump basket and reducing the flow to pump.This is just one kind of several swimming pool vacuum cleaners, but it tends to be very popular.

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