Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners to Choose From

An automatic pool cleaner is a device that removes foreign matters from your pool without or with minimal supervision. Instead of doing the cleaning manually, having such a device can give so much benefits not only for domestic pool purposes but for companies like resorts. This is because using this type of device not only saves time but effeciency as well.

With automatic pool cleaner, all you need to do to make it perform the cleaning is to plug your pool cleaner in and then turn it on and then let it roam and wait for a couple of hours – and you will notice the result. In fact, you can just leave your pool cleaner – just do your other tasks – alone as this type of cleaner is equipped of high tech features which enable it to perform thhe cleaning.

There three types of automatic pool cleaners – each has its benefits and disadvantages.

The Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

This type of automatic pool cleaner is much cheaper as compared to other types. Suction side pool cleaner is attached to the suction system of pool or the pumps that draw water out of your swimming pool to be filtered. By attaching hose to one of your suction ports, water can just be pumped out and then let the device do the rest of the filtering, straining tasks.

Pressure Side Cleaners

A pressure site cleaner fucntions in the opposite fashion as a suction side cleaner does. This is because pressure site cleaner is connected to the return side of the filter instead of the intake. What gives this device that capacity to clean is the pressure that the filter return gives. This type of cleaner circulates clean and clear water throughout pool while accumulating all the debris inside its filter bag. It is important to note that when the bag is full, it must be emptied as this will make the cleaner ineffective if you don’t empty it as required.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

This type is perhaps one of the most expensive automatic pool cleaners in town. This is known to be a stand-alone device and all you need to do is to plug into an electrical outlet, let it on and then let it do its functions. It has thhe capacity that is closely similar to human as this device is designed to mimic human being in terms of quality in cleaning. Its robotic functions make pools clean. This handy little robot goes around your pool until all the debris are collected.

So, not that you have ideas on automatic pool cleaners, hope you are able to get the one that is ideal for your own pool – and enjoy the cleaning with your cleaning buddy.

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