Built in – Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaners Differences and Similarities

Blindly shopping around for a automatic pool cleaner can be a bit overwhelming for a few good reasons. To start with, there are any number of makes and models and each ones maker claims that it is the most efficient and the best deal to be had. Also, they range in price from less than a hundred dollars to up to a few thousand dollars for a top model.

The Three Types of Pool Cleaners

Lets try to simplify things a little and then go from there. Above ground and in ground automatic pool cleaners come in three basic types. Pressure side, suction side and robotic. While each type may function differently from the others, they all accomplish the same thing and that is to clean the main brunt of the debris out of the pools water. The pool ter system then cleans the finer particulate matter  from the pool water.

Suction Side and Pressure Side Systems

Suction side and pressure side automatic pool cleaners each connects to a different end of your pools pump system. A suction side pool cleaner will deposit what it picks up in the pools filter system, while a pressure side system will have its own bag that the debris will be deposited in.

Pressure Side System Can Move

Still one more difference, is that a pressure side pool cleaner will be able to move around the pool, while a suction side system is generally stationary and comes with a skimmer. The pool cleaners that you will see advertised as having “no moving parts” are generally suction side pool cleaners.

Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive and they also will tend to have the most features. You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a budget model all the way up to a few thousand dollars for a top of the line model. One feature that only robotic pool cleaners can offer is automatic scrub brushes that clean the sides of a concrete pool.

Written by Gerald Johannesberg. Find the latest information on a Dolphin pool cleaner

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Robotic Pool Cleaners Bring the Latest Technology Right to Your Backyard

It wasn’t that many decades back that cleaning your pool meant time consuming and often s back breaking work. Then along came the first automatic pool cleaners, that were powered by the water that the pool pump put out. A hose was ran from the water outlet in the pool to the pool cleaner and that is what enabled it to clean the pools water.

Then some time back the first robotic pool cleaners began to appear on the market and they were truly technological wonders of their time. They ran off of electricity and were able to crawl around the pool and do so much moire then just vacuum the pools water.

Todays robotic pool cleaner now contains the latest technology that the modern age that we live in has to offer. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and even have rotating scrub brushes that clean the concrete sides of the pool that they are in. The list of features that they have to offer just keeps on growing and as it stands at this time it, is hard to imagine them doing more the the already do One of the most recent features to be added, is a sort of artificial intelligence that enables a robotic pool cleaner to make its own navigational decisions as it moves around obstacles, such as pool islands and steps. Commercial robotic pool cleaners are even able to communicate with each other so that they can clean the pool as a pair far more efficiently.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a top of the line pool cleaner that will accomplish the most that a pool cleaner possibly can, in the least amount of time then the obvious choice for you would be a robotic pool cleaner.

Written by Gerald Johannesberg. Find the latest information on a Dolphin pool cleaner

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