The Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

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It doesn’t matter if you’re towards the end of the swimming calender or getting ready for a new year of fun in the sun, cleaning the pool is tiresome. Those who don’t have one have no idea of the hard work that is put into making it look extravagant and refreshing. So why struggle when you can find the best automatic pool cleaners available today? Below, we’ve listed four of the greatest assets a pool owner can have at their disposal. The hard part is choosing which one is right for you.

The Aquabot

Getting one of the best automatic pool cleaners around means receiving great instructions. There is nothing more frustrating then finding the manual and having no idea what it’s trying to tell. Next thing you know, the pool cleaner doesn’t look like the picture and it ends up taking you weeks to put it together. However, the Aquabot gives you video instructions so you can pause between each step and have a true visual of the finished product. Assembly time does not require rocket science and if you choose their cleaner, you’ll be able to see for yourself.

This little gadget moves slowly across the bottom of the pool sucking up everything in it’s path. Definitely great for those of you who don’t feel like doing any work at all. Keep in mind there are some minor downfalls when using this pool cleaner. You will have to clean out the filter bag, which isn’t a pretty sight, and on occasion, we’ve noticed the cord getting tangled. Other than that, you can sit back and watch all the neighbors clean out their pools by hand.

The Dolphin

If you don’t want to spend two, four, six or even eight hours making your pool spotless, the Dolphin Dynamic will take care of it for you. This automatic pool cleaner delivers a criss-cross action around your entire pool giving you a clarity like no other. The reason this is one of the best automatic pool cleaners is because it cleans both the walls and floors relentlessly. With two motors and a scrubbing action, why would you be surprised?

Overall, it can handle any sized pool and definitely does everything it’s supposed to throughout the process. Again, there is a tangling issue with the cords so keep this in mind when you leave it alone. While we wouldn’t suggest letting it work overnight without supervision, it will definitely be a great tool throughout your swimming season. However, don’t pay retail because the prices are usually $300-$500 more expensive.

The Polaris

As most reviews say, “You can’t go wrong with a Polaris.” One of the most inexpensive automatic pool cleaners on the market, the Polaris is made without the necessities of a debris bag. It’s fast, it has a great cleaning process and it’s about half the cost of all the others. We recommend looking deeper into this automatic pool cleaner if you need something now.

The Dirt Devil

One thing to notice about the Dirt Devil automatic pool cleaner is the variations they offer you. There are certain ones available for in-ground pools and others for above ground pools. This little robot has more power than their in-home cleaners and at an affordable price. While we didn’t put any of these automatic pool cleaners in order from best to worst, people rate the Dirt Devil a 10. Any of these might just make your life a lot easier when it’s time to clean the pool. It’s just figuring out which one is best for you that’s hard.

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