polaris 280 is thrown in

a brief clip in which the polaris 280 pool cleaning robot is lobbed into a private swimming pool. It currently is set for a four hour stint 10.30 til 1.00

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Robot Pool Cleaners

Robot pool cleaners are automated swimming pool cleaning machines that run on computerized programming. Most robot pool cleaners have the ability to climb walls and crawl along the floor to achieve optimum cleaning; some pool cleaners will clean only the pool floor. Ideally, a robot pool cleaner comes with the following features:

Scrubbing brushes and/or jets

Vacuum unit

Filtering bag to store debris

Power cable

Power supply unit

How Robot Pool Cleaners Work?

Robot pool cleaners are designed to work independently with minimal human intervention. All you have to do is submerge the robot pool cleaner in water, connect it to the power supply, and connect the power supply to an outlet, for an all-inclusive cleaning. You can either set the number of hours of cleaning or set it on continuous mode.

A robot pool cleaner is able to efficiently vacuum out debris, dirt or green algae on the floor of the pool, other pool cleaners also clean stairs and walls. Some robot pool cleaners come with filters that remove debris as low as 2 microns for cleaner water for you and your family.

Why should you buy a Robot Pool Cleaner?

Eco-efficient and low energy consumption

Reduce need for traditional pool filtration systems

Circulation of water helps reduce use of chemicals by as much as 30%

Reduce backwashing of pool’s filter by as much as 80%

Robot Pool Cleaners: Safety Precautions

Although robot pool cleaners provide high-quality results in less time, these should be handled with care to avoid accidents. Certain important safety precautions for robot pool cleaner usage are:

Ensure that the pool is not in use, when the cleaning process begins

Remove hazardous obstacles like children’s toys from the pool

Switch on the robot pool cleaner only after placing it in the pool. It is not meant to operate in a dry environment

Check the power cord for cuts before you begin the cleaning process

Store the robot pool cleaner in a safe place when not in use

While buying robot pool cleaners, always compare the different available options in terms of price and performance. RobotShop, a leading online resource for robotic technology, offers a diverse range of robot pool cleaners. The company website www.robotshop.us also provides detailed information on their features, usage and benefits.

Robotshop.us brings to you robot pool cleaners which increase your quality of life by taking away the tedious task of manually cleaning your pool instead of using traditional cleaning methods.

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