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Lizzie asks…

Iphone 3G For My Thirteenth Birthday?

Phone birthdayy is August 31 and my old T-Mobile Dash had been kicked out of my hand and flew in the pool. So i was wondering if my parent might get it for me. Please do not say “ohhhh you 13yrs old youdon’tt even need a phone” Well i have a website that i have to watch all the time, i have calender that need to be updated all the time ,also music is my world. anyway i am very mature and keep my room clean an idon’tt beg, i pay for everything i get (i mean like save all the money review it over then buy it) i just drop little hints so idon’tt look likeI’mm begging. Anyway would they get it for me i mean we are not rich we are strugglingg a little but we live in a two-story house and they have thehighestd credit score, i have even hinted i would pay for some of it i just want them to let me get it i know you have to buy itt from att but i would buy it from ebay and build a custom restore image and use it for tmoblie. will they get it for me i currently have a sim card in a little ziploc bag right now and just an ipod. answer this please

thank you =)

admin answers:

Im 14 and i told my parents, especially my dad about all the features, since he’s kinda interested in electronics. In addition to that you should offer to pay for your bills or for the phone itself, which is what i did. Oh right, i have the iphone now.

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