Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners in Review

Its simply amazing when you stop to think for a moment of the level of technology that is available today to bring into your home. It was only a few decades ago that the first automatic pool cleaners appeared on the market and although the they were a great help they were not anything near the “full feature robots” that are available for todays swimming pools.

Dolphin has been at the forefront of automatic pool cleaner technological development and the products that they have developed and now market are the very latest in pool cleaning technology.

Watching a top of the line Dolphin automatic pool cleaner such as their cordless Dynamic Pro X go about its business is truly amazing because not only does it clean the water of even the tiniest of dust particles but it scrubs the pools surfaces spotless as well.

Thats not all, because this mechanical wonder also contains artificial intelligence that allows it to make snap decisions when maneuvering around underwater pool obsticals such as bridges corners stairs and islands that are commonly found in todays pools.

When it is time to put this unit to bed for the night, simply use the wireless remote control to bring it to you when its work is done. It comes with a wide range of easy to use cleaning programs to accommodate a variety of cleaning options and its user friendly, so anyone can program it.

Still one more of the many convenient features that come with this Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is an easy to see automatic indicator that lets you know if the filter bag is clogged or filed to capacity. The Dynamic Pro X is just one of the many models of Dolphin automatic pool cleaners that are available and one thing that they all have in common is that they are solidly built to give years of reliable pool cleaning service.

Written by Trey Fuud. Find the latest information on Pool chemicals as well as Hot tub chemicals

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