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Chris asks…

Which robotic pool cleaner is the best, Aquabot, Dophin or Hayward or somethiing else?

I have a 20X40 inground pool with a liner. Tired of having to vacuum all the time.

admin answers:

The Hayward Navigator is a good one. They swallow just about anything in their way but they do have an issue regarding the mesh on the turbine intake on the back of the unit. You need to watch to see that it doesn’t get clogged with debris. That inlet provides one of the turbines water, that in turn powers the turning gears that stop the cleaner from getting hung up in a corner or against a wall. Easy to fix, but annoying if you get fine debris clogging it all the time.
The other good one, that’s virtually bomb proof but can be a picky eater ( hates twigs) is the Kreepy Krauly. They are so simple in design that there’s virtually nothing that can go wrong with them and they work pretty well.

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Time and Money Savers — Let Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Do Your Dirty Work

Most people would like have a swimming pool in their backyard, but sometimes the maintenance that goes along with one is not very appealing. In the past, cleaning our pools has been a very time consuming activity on our part, or, if we could afford the luxury, a service we would pay a “poolman” to furnish for us. These days, a pool owner can benefit from the technology that is now available. Cleaning your pool has never been as effortless as it is now if you choose to invest in a robotic pool cleaner. It is amazing what these robotic pool cleaners can do. With the variety of quality robotic pool cleaners now on the market, you can now spend more time actually swimming in your pool rather than cleaning it.

Although robotic pool cleaners have proven to be productive and efficient, many people have not been comfortable enough to actually purchase one. The main reason for the hesitation is usually that they cost more than other types of pool cleaners. As the technology of these units has improved, the costs have gone down significantly. That is great news for pool owners. The time you save is definitely worth the expense.

Robotic pool cleaners have so many advantages over other types of pool cleaners that make them the envy of pool owners everywhere. A robotic pool cleaner, once you put it in your pool and turn it on, will independently vacuum up all the debris, dirt, and green algae it comes in contact with on the bottom, walls, and the steps of your pool. It will even work around drains and ladders. The most current models are smart enough to be able to detect the size and the shape of your swimming pool. Some even have internal memories, and after the first cleaning will be able to recall your pool’s shapes and curves causing later cleanings to be even more productive. Finally, many robotic cleaners have self-programming software that scans and calculates automatically the most effective pattern of cleaning that is required.

In summary, a Robotic Pool Cleaner is an effective and simple way to keep your pool crystal clean so that you have more time to enjoy your swimming pool. As a result, you will have time to spend afternoons by the pool with friends and family. Isn’t that the true purpose for having a pool in our backyard anyway?

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