What is a dependable robotic in ground pool cleaner?

G L asked:

I’m looking at the Dolphin, and Aquabot . I know there are others with hoses and pumps butI just want a simple plug in. Any real life experience with either?

Demolition Robot
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Pool aquabot spinning in circles?

Anzu asked:

I have owned an aquabot fro my pool now for a year. The pool just opened on tuesday, and I’ve been using the aquabot ever since the pool was clean enough to use it.

Just today a problem arose where the bot kept spinning in the circle in the pool. I took it out and the tracks are spinning in opposite directions, as if it was turning. It appears to be stuck like this. I have tried using the remote to correct it and read through the manual.

There is a warranty so the store will repair it, but they aren’t open today. Does anyone have an suggestions on what to do?

Humanoid Rental

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