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William asks…

For modification what is best, the 325i or 328i (both e36 models)?

I have two cars available to me, an e36 325i and an e36 328i (dolphin shape), the 325i has an e36 m3 exhaust fitted already, the 328i is dead stock. Both have about 250 000 km on the clock and have full service histories. There’s nothing to seperate them on looks or performance, except the 325i sounding amazing and has tons of low down torque, the 328i has it’s torque slightly higher in its rev band. I have money to spend on modification (not turbo or supercharger), I just want to know which of these two is best in the long run in terms of performance (when modified) and longevity.

admin answers:

Either to be honest. The 325i and the 328i have about 1hp difference. The 328 has more power slightly lower in the rev band than the 325i. The 325i was replaced by the 323i. The 328i is also a newer engine by 3 years in comparison to the 325i.
If I had the choice, I would take the 325i plainly because it sounds incredible with or without the M3 exhaust. The 328i is never did float my boat as much, its just not quite as good in my opinion.

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