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William asks…

Good ways to raise money for………..?

I’m going to the bahamas next year at the beginning of March. I need to raise/get enough money to do the following: eat at a fancy restrauraunt : ,
be a trainer for a day at dolphin cay : ,
snorkel : ,
shop at the little local shops : ,
go to the spa : ,
and last, pay for 3/4 of the deluxe ocean suite :

If you add up how much money i need and how to raise it. (for the deluxe ocean suite go to check availability and do check in december… check out december….at do to adults 1 child, [age 14])

If you could call to find out prices or just look them up on the website and tell me how i can get the money. Thank you
im not old enough to get an actual job YET!
and i dont care about gas cause there’s something called walking.

admin answers:

All of that stuff u can do here and cheaper. Trust me. It is EXPENSIVE over there. Gas is now over 6 bucks there and everything is triple or quadruple the price. But, if u really want to do those things over there, work for the money. Get a job or sell on ebay.

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