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Robot Pool Cleaner

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A Robot Pool Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools with minimum human intervention. Pools using such a cleaner on a routine basis are not only visually cleaner but also using less chemicals. This leads to lower operating costs.

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Robotic pool cleaners operate using sensors located in the bump bars. Then, when they contact items, they pause the machine briefly in order to vacuum the debris. The electronics will then restart the machine and reverse its direction. When this happens it returns in the same direction with a small offset allowing it to move one machine’s width over on each crossing of the pool. Adding some intelligence to the robot, they often have timer, which allows the pool cleaner to start and stop after an adjustable period of time.

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Ask Experts About Pool Cleaner Robots

Sandra asks…

My inground pool is very green with algae. What should I do?!!!?

Our pool cleaner robot has been broken all summer and we just recently replaced it. I have been shocking the pool and using a clarifier, and I did put algaecide in it about two weeks ago. It is still very green and foggy. Helpppp

admin answers:

You need to backwash it after you use the algaecide( 24 hours after) and if your shocking it use a liquid chlorine. Use like 4 gallons of chlorine and keep it filtering 24 hours a day repeat chlorine treatment if still green in couple of days. If that still doesn’t work you probably have a filtration problem.

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